Amenity Conference 2018

The 52nd Amenity Conference 2018

The Arboricultural Association has announced the full line-up of 34 speaker sessions for the 52nd National Amenity Conference entitled ‘Soils & Trees – Standing your Ground’. The schedule includes 10 prominent international speakers, who will take delegates on a narrative journey through soil science and trees, and help us get serious about soils.

Soils and their importance have come into focus in recent years and understanding their science is increasingly recognised as critical to improving the establishment and growth of trees, whatever their setting. For professionals involved in the care and cultivation of amenity trees, Arboriculture begins and ends with the soil.

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Sustainable Soils Alliance

The Association is thrilled to collaborate with the Sustainable Soils Alliance (SSA) on the latest edition of the premier arboriculture conference in the United Kingdom. The SSA is a partnership looking to reverse soil health decline and work together to restore our soils to health within one generation.

In recent years our knowledge of what goes on underground and how it affects trees has rapidly developed. Breakthroughs in science and technology have allowed us to explore soils in ways which were previously impossible.

Following an overwhelming response to the call for papers, Soils and Trees ‘Standing Your Ground’ will take delegates on a journey through these new discoveries and developments.