Technician Membership

Technician Membership from £16.17 per month or £194.00 per year


Technician membership recognises individuals who have achieved at least an RQF Level 3 qualification or higher in Arboriculture or a related discipline, or who can demonstrate equivalent knowledge and experience. Successful applicants can use the Arb Association Technician Member Logo and the post-nominals ‘TechArborA’.

Technician membership is designed to allow arboricultural professionals engaged in work across consultancy, contracting, local authority, education and research, to demonstrate their proficiency and knowledge to their clients and peers.

Technician Member Logo

Key Benefits

You will have the right to use ‘TechArborA’ after your name and use the Technician Member Logo on your reports, in your email footers and on business cards.

You will receive our quarterly ARB Magazines and Arboricultural Journals, with full access to back issues of these online.

You will also receive training and conference discounts.

You will have access to templates online, free technical advice, and regular email communications letting you know about industry news. You will also have access to a range of supplier discounts, and our online webinar library with over 80 hours of content only available to our members.

Technician membership is an individual membership grade, so the benefits will only apply to the individual applicant.



The online application for Technician membership is open to anyone with an RQF Level 3 academic qualification in Arboriculture or a related subject. Please note that for this purpose the LANTRA PTI (Professional Tree Inspection) and City and Guilds NPTC certificates are not accepted as they are not a broad enough course of study on their own.

If you don't hold a formal academic qualifiication at Level 3 , but you do hold many shorter academic and proactical qualifications, please take a look at our 'Alt Tech' route. It's a new route to Technician membership that recognises expereience and practical skills, alongside a commitment to learning and professional development. Click on the button below to download a copy of the form.

It is advised that applicants via either route work within Arboriculture or a closely related discipline, as there is an ongoing CPD requirement for this grade – Technician members must achieve at least 10 hours of Arb CPD a year to maintain their membership.

As a Technician member you will be expected to comply with our Code of Ethics for the duration of your membership.



Guidance for Hong Kong Applicants

Hong Kong Application Guidance


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