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Women in Arboriculture Networking Sessions

Evening Networking Session – 29 April

Networking Evening Session
29 April
With guest speaker

6:30PM–7:30PM, UK

"Trees even in their very roads": Trees, Streets and Politics in 17th-century Britain

This talk explores some of the lesser-known avenues in the history of street trees in Britain, examining the idea of street trees as 'public ornaments' in the context of the English civil wars, revolution and Restoration. Through discussion of late Elizabethan, Stuart and civil-war period ideas in relation to urban sprawl, fuel-use and urban air pollution, this talk allows us to reflect on the origins and value of street trees in terms of their political potential and public capital, at a time when the idea of trees in the street was to some preposterous and to others, little more than a twinkle in the eye of seventeenth-century 'improvers'.

Dr Felicity Stout

Dr Felicity Stout is Tree Conservation Officer at the Peak District National Park and also works part-time as an arb consultant for AWA Trees in Sheffield. She used to be an academic historian, but gave it up for forestry, although she still has a passion for the history of trees.