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Benefits of Trees

Trees are amazing – Help us spread the word

“Trees are essential to the future of the planet.”

Sir David Attenborough


There is now a wealth of undeniable evidence which demonstrates the many and varied benefits trees provide us with, yet they are still undervalued and taken for granted.

In this section, you’ll find a library of research and resources which aims to raise awareness of the incredible value which trees provide.

The asset value of trees can now be calculated thanks to the introduction of systems like CAVAT and iTree. Promoting and utilising these developments can help our trees to be viewed as assets rather than liabilities in the future.


Asset Value of Trees

Being able to give trees a monetary value is an important step in encouraging society to recognise the true social and commercial value of the urban tree-scape, and the industry that services and maintains this valuable asset.

The London iTree survey indicated that city’s urban forest comprises 8,421,000 trees. The ecosystem services provided by these urban trees that were considered within the project were carbon capture, rainwater interception, the removal of air pollution, building energy savings and building energy carbon avoided, and these were valued at £132.7 million per year.


Environment and Habitat

Trees provide habitats for birds, insects and other wildlife.

One Oak tree can provide a habitat and food for hundreds of species of insects, 30 types of bird and over 300 species of lichen. Even dead wood can provide many benefits.


Flood Defence

Trees can reduce the risk of flooding by up to 20%.



Trees are a vital food source globally.

From Apple Cider and Baobab fruit to Maple Syrup; we’ve all experienced and enjoyed this benefit!

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Human Health Benefits of Trees

Studies in the US suggest they prevent $7 billion in health costs every year by filtering air pollution. New research says the closer you can live to trees, the better off you are.

A study of the East London Green Grid (a proposed network of interlinked, multi-purpose and high quality open spaces) estimated that the establishment of 5.5% greenspace (a quarter of this provided by trees) across a single 10 km by 10 km square could avert two deaths and two hospital admissions per year.

A study is available on the relationship between trees and human health: evidence from the spread of the emerald ash borer.


Property Value

Trees can even increase the value of your property.


Reducing Pollution

One of the most amazing and important benefits of trees is that they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

There is a mountain of evidence which highlights their positive impact on air pollution.

A global study finds they can help cool cities and reduce air pollution—for less money than high-tech answers.


Urban Trees

With the worlds urban populations rapidly increasing, it’s more important than ever that trees are considered as a central part of planning and development in the cities of the future.


Veteran Trees

Veteran trees are of exceptional cultural landscape or nature conservation value, often due to their great age, size or condition.