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The ARB Magazine is now available digitally to our members and now has a new look and layout

The Digital ARB Mag

Using your digital ARB Magazine

  • The digital edition, as with the print version, is only available to members. So, you’ll need to login to access it. Or Join the AA now.
  • To zoom in on mobile or tablet just pinch in and out, as you usually would.
  • To zoom in and out on desktop use the ‘+’ icon within the magnifying glass bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on the page numbers on the front cover to go straight to a featured article.
  • Click the search button (magnifying glass top right on desktop, middle right on mobile) to search for anything within the magazine.
  • Click the tiles icon in the bottom left hand corner to see all pages in a thumbnail view and scroll straight to the article you want to read.
  • On mobile to ‘bookmark’ any page just click the label icon (middle right next to search button).
  • To view your bookmarked pages on mobile click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left, lick on the settings wheel icon in the top left to delete bookmarks.

Taster issues normally available to our members only

ARB Mag 177 – Summer 2017

ARB Mag 178 – Autumn 2017  NEW LOOK

ARB Mag – Best of 2019