Conference 2016 presentations

Below we have many presentations from the AA’s 50th National Amenity Conference – Planning for the Future. All the presentations below have been supplied by kind permission of the speakers from the Conference. We ask that all the content is kept as the sole copyright of it’ owner, and if you wish to use any content therein you contact the owner to gain written consent.

We will endeavour to make as many presentations available as we can, so in due course additional presentations may become available.


Tuesday Presentations

KEYNOTE: Merrick Denton-Thompson
Collaboration, planning and management in the landscape
(Verbal presentation only)
Mr Andrew Grant
Mr Tony Mulhall
Mr Chrsitoph Brintrup
HS2’s landscape design approach to high speed travel in the UK
Mr Stephen O’Malley
Mr Tony Sangwine OBE
Managing the highways estate

Wednesday Presentations

Mr Brian Crane
Life and death – Sheffield’s highway tree removal programme
Professor Lynne Boddy
Invasion of wood in standing trees
Mr David Evans
Tree risk: Safety in numbers and words