Become a Utility Approved Contractor

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Do you work in the utility arb sector, including rail / electricity / highways / waterways or telecommunications infrastructure, undertaking vegetation management and tree work?

If so we have developed a ‘stand-alone’ accreditation scheme specifically for your business. This scheme runs parallel to the Association’s existing ‘ARB Approved Contractor Scheme’ primarily servicing the amenity sector.

Utilities covers Waterways
Utilities covers Highways
Utilities covers Railways
Utilities covers Electricity
Utilities covers Telecommunications

The new scheme, seeks to supplement existing compliance standards, e.g. RISQs for the Rail network, but is assessed by arboricultural utility industry specialists and hence adds value to the process. Utility Approved Contractor status can be achieved by undertaking an annual assessment and audit taking account of supporting procedures, on site activities, staff and associated technical knowledge, compliance with industry technical standards and standard / quality of completed works (by reference to BS 3998: 2010 – Recommendations for Tree Work where relevant.)

So, if you’re looking to get ahead of the competition, and bearing in mind many utility services buyers / specifiers / procurement teams have expressed interest and support for the new scheme, please contact our team.

For further information contact us at arbac@trees.org.uk or call us on 01242 522152

Download the Utility Contractor Standards

Last Modified: 8 June 2022

Click here to download the handbook