Wednesday Speakers 2017

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Wednesday Session Chairs

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Prof. Nicola Spence

Professor Nicola Spence (UK)

Wednesday morning session chair
09:25am – 12:40pm
Dr David Lonsdale

Dr. David Lonsdale (UK)

Wednesday afternoon session chair
13:55pm – 17:15pm

Wednesday Speakers

Click on a speaker to see a Biography and an Abstract
Mick Biddle

Mick Biddle (UK)

Sweet chestnut blight, an overview and an update
Prof. Paula Shrewsbury

Professor Paula Shrewsbury (USA)

Tiny wasps to the rescue: Sustainable management of invasive insects
Geoff Monck

Geoff Monck (UK)

A presentation of new ideas and research into acute oak decline in the UK
Dr. Glyn Jones

Dr. Glyn Jones (UK)

Ash dieback in non-woodland trees: Local action planning
Jon Stokes

Jon Stokes (UK)

Ash Dieback in Non Woodland Trees: Local Action Planning
Prof. Dr. Andreas Roloff

Professor Dr. Andreas Roloff (GER)

Visual assessment of tree vitality via branch architecture
Adam Tom

Adam Tom (AUS)

The evolution of tree transplanting in South East Queensland
Dr. Duncan Slater

Dr. Duncan Slater (UK)

Tree fork evaluation – the outcomes
Prof. Steffen Rust

Professor Steffen Rust (GER)

Assessing anchorage and critical wind speed of urban trees