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Forest Climbers Unite to Save the Borneo Rainforest

Last Updated:  14/06/2017
The Big Canopy Campout on the 24th June 2017 brings the global rainforest canopy climbing,
adventure and research community together from dusk until dawn. During one shared night
sleeping high in the canopy of their own local forests, the community will be exchanging stories
and experiences on social media and raising funds for the World Land Trust (WLT) to purchase
imminently threatened rainforest in Borneo.

The Big Canopy Campout is a worldwide, co-ordinated event opening at sunset in the New
Zealand, Tasmanian and Australian forests and closing at dawn in the mountain forests of Maui.
Climbers in some of the world’s largest tropical trees will bed down in Borneo and be joined
virtually by others in the forests of Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Madagascar, Ethiopia,
England, Scotland, Wales, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Puerto Rico,
Costa Rica, Nicaragua, US, Mexico and Canada.

The purpose of The Big Canopy Campout is to raise money (and awareness) to support the World
Land Trust in their bid to purchase a piece of rainforest along the Kinabatangan River in North
Borneo. This critical section of rainforest is under direct and imminent threat from the expansion of
oil palm.

Due to major fundraising efforts the WLT now need less than £50,000 to finally purchase a section
of forest that currently acts as a buffer between oil palm plantations and native forest. The section
of forest is home to a large population of Orang-utans, Gibbons and Bornean pygmy elephants
and their populations will be forced into isolation if the land is not saved.

The Big Canopy Campout Scotland:

The Big Canopy Campout founding team will be leading the event from both The Eden Project
and the Caledonian Pine Forests of Glentanar Estate. Co-founder Vicki Tough will be leading a
small group of professional climbers & enthusiastic campers into the third largest pinewoods in
Scotland to camp overnight in an exclusive spot in the Cairngorm National Park to highlight the
importance of forests and their preservation around the world.

Opportunities exist for a small number of journalists to join the overnight campout or to climb into
the canopy on the afternoon/evening of the 24th. Please get in touch with Vicki Tough -


As part of the fundraising the group of climbers and ground campers have two JustGiving pages
and have designed several bespoke t-shirts for sale to raise money for the World Land Trust. Any
support whether it be a donation or by joining in the event is whole heartedly welcome.

For more information about the event:

Pre-event promotional video

For more information about the World Land Trust Kinabatangan River project