Watering Young Trees

Young trees need water to survive

According to the Met Office rainfall between January and June 2022 was the lowest since 1976. Established mature trees are able to find their own water. However, it is recommended that newly planted trees are given 50 litres of water per week during the summer months, for the first three years after planting.

Newly planted trees need to be watered regularly over the summer months if they are going to become established and thrive.

If you have a tree outside your house, or one that you pass on your daily walk, then you can help.

Watering should ideally be carried out in the early morning or evening.
It is good practice to water trees for the first three years after planting.
If the tree has a watering pipe, then half of the water should be poured down the pipe and the other half on the surface of the tree. If the tree has a watering bag, then fill that.
Where possible, water should be sustainably sourced. Harvested rainwater is ideal, but bath water, or water which has been used for the washing up, is also suitable.

Requirements vary depending on a number of factors such as species and location, but a general rule is that they should receive at least 50 litres of water per week in May, June, July and August:

Please water regularly during dry periods with as much as you can – Every little helps

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