Guide to Young Tree Establishment

An Introductory Guide to Young Tree Establishment

Advice, ideas and signposting for the public

An Introductory Guide to Young Tree Establishment’ provides advice and ideas for a non-professional audience, as well as signposting readers towards other useful resources. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide, nor a replacement for specialist advice but is an important tool in sharing knowledge with the general public about arboriculture and tree care; communicating some of the key messages of the Association and hopefully helping people learn more about tree planting and aftercare.

Tree planting has never been more popular but planting a tree is just the start of the story. Arboriculturists work in tree time, not human lifespans or political cycles. If you consider the first 100 years of a tree’s life, then the act of planting might make up half an hour or so, or 0.000058%. It is undoubtedly a very important part of the process – a critical one – but there is so much more to the story…

The guide is available as a free download covering key areas including ‘Why plant a tree?’, ‘Where to plant a tree?’, ‘What tree to plant?’, ‘How to plant a tree’, ‘Young tree aftercare’ and ‘Tree watering’. Free downloadable posters for each section are also available.

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