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Arboricultural Association Safety Guides  This series of Safety Guides has been developed to help operators and those responsible for their supervision, e.g. the ‘Competent Person’, to identify the key safety points in relation to activities involving tree work at height. Each Safety Guide relates to a specific rang...
 15/12/2020      10:47
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I'm worried about the safety of my tree - can a Council's tree officer come and inspect it? If not,   Council Tree Officers are not in post to give independent advice to the public about their trees or to recommend individual contractors or consultants. We advise residents to seek help and advice when they are concerned from professionals who are approved by a recognised body...
 23/11/2015      11:54
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What are my legal requirements for Health and Safety Legal requirements: Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 (HaSWA or ‘the Act’) Section 2(3) requires all organisations etc. to have a policy for managing health and safety. Where 5 or more people are employed the policy should be written down*. Management of Health and...
 25/11/2015      07:49
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Do you need any form of training before you can set out traffic management signs and cones on a publ  We strongly advise that tree work contractors undertake appropriate training for all activities they carry out in order to comply with legislation. In this case the New Roads and Street Works Act along with relevant guidance such as the Safety at Street Works and Road Works C...
 25/11/2015      07:26
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So what can we expect if we find ourselves in breach of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 act?  Magistrates’ Courts operate a tiered fines system dependent on the seriousness of the offence. This could be up to £5000 or for the most serious offences an unlimited amount. Other alternative punishments issued by Magistrates’ Courts include a community sentence like unpaid ...
 24/11/2015      09:03
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Help for arborists  Help for Arborists is a library of generic and arb-specific guidance resources available for members to download and use. ‌ Help for arborists Here you can find generic HSE guidance and also the AA’s arb-specific guidance in the form of templates, proformas and associated ...
 10/12/2015      09:49
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Choosing your Arborist (Tree Surgeon)  Choosing your Arborist (Tree Surgeon) Find your nearest ARB Approved Arborist (Tree Surgeon) GOOD CLIMBING PRACTICE BAD CLIMBING PRACTICE If tree work is not done properly it could lead to: INJURY to people * DAMAGE to property * SERIOUS HARM to ...
 02/12/2015      15:39
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Ash Dieback – Practice Guidance  Ash Dieback Guidance for Tree Owners, Managers, Contractors and Consultants Principal Author: Michael Sankus Thanks to the Arboricultural Association Arborist Working Group for their help in developing the guidance Download the PDF WHO is this guide intended for? ...
 26/09/2019      16:36
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Why should I use an ARB Approved Contractor?  Contractors listed in our directory listing have submitted their businesses and their tree work to the Arboricultural Association for assessment and have been found competent to provide arboricultural contracting services to clients. The Arboricultural Association’s assessme...
 12/12/2015      19:36
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Background to the HSE decision on two rope working  History The issue of guidance to climbing arborists on the use of ‘two separate and independently anchored lines’ as a legal requirement goes back to 2003 when the EU Directive on Work at Height was circulated and to the subsequent introduction of the Work at Height Regulati...
 15/08/2019      14:02
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