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Help for arborists

 10/12/2015    Last Modified: 19/05/2017

The Arborists’ Working Group

The Arborists’ Working Group

The Arborists’ Working Group (AWG) is here to help arborists. Whether you are an individual arborist, a small company or a large multi-disciplinary business the AWG is here to help with those problematic and time consuming issues faced by arborists in their daily work.

Chaired by Jaime Bray, an arborist in the Midlands, the AWG consists of working arborists that get together to work through the issues, provide guidance and raise standards.

The AWG:

  • Sharing methods of success
  • Learning from our mistakes
  • Helping arborists everywhere

To ask a question or offer advice: contact the AWG by email

The ARB Magazine

You can also read news and views from other arborists – some ARB Approved and others not. How did they do it? What works and what doesn’t? See articles in The ARB Magazine, if you are not already a member The ARB Magazine is a great source of the latest information so pop along to our Membership section and join us.

Help for arborists

Here you can find generic HSE guidance and also the AA’s arb-specific guidance in the form of templates, proformas and associated notes designed for you to download, many of them free, and tailor to your specific business. For example:

Do you know how to check for bats? (see the guidance below from Natural England or see more in our Help and Advice section for other bat related information)

Did you know that fuel requires a CoSHH assessment? (see downloadable CoSHH proforma below)

Work at Height: what do you know? (see the regulations and a downloadable outline policy proforma below).

Guides and Templates

Subject: Generic guidance Arb-specific guidance

Biosecurity in arboriculture and urban forestry

HSE: An introduction to Health and SafetyBiosecurity Position Statement

Pest & Disease Symptoms InformationPest & Disease Symptoms Information

Environment Agency Position on Infected Trees and PlantsEnvironment Agency Position on Disposal of Infected Trees and Plants

Tree Alert

Plant health portal

Sample Company Biosecurity Policy templateCompany Biosecurity Policy

Biosecurity Generic Risk AssessmentBiosecurity Generic Risk Assessment

FC Biosecurity guidance

Free Biosecurity Training

Biosecurity in Arboriculture Z-Card

Preparing a Health and Safety Policy for a small business

HSE: An introduction to Health and SafetyHSE: An introduction to Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy templateHealth and Safety Policy template

Overview of common regular reviews and periodic checks for Arboricultural ContractorsOverview of common regular reviews and periodic checks for Arboricultural Contractors

Arboriculture – Tree work at height

HSE: The Work at Height Regulations 2005HSE: The Work at Height Regulations 2005

ICoP - Tree Work at HeightICoP - Tree Work at Height

HSE: AFAG 401 Tree Climbing OperationsHSE: AFAG 401 Tree Climbing Operations

HSE: AFAG 402 Aerial Tree RescueHSE: AFAG 402 Aerial Tree Rescue

HSE: AFAG 403 Mobile Elevating Work Platforms for Tree WorkHSE: AFAG 403 Mobile Elevating Work Platforms for Tree Work

Working at Height Planning and Decision MakingWorking at Height Planning and Decision Making

Risk Assessment and Method Statements

HSE: Five steps to risk assessmentHSE: Five steps to risk assessment

Tree Work Method Statement templateTree Work Method Statement template

General Risk Assessment templateGeneral Risk Assessment template

Generic Risk Assessment for chainsaw useGeneric Risk Assessment for chainsaw use

Site specific Risk Assessment as part of a Job SheetSite specific Risk Assessment as part of a Job Sheet

Site specific Risk Assessment as part of a Job Sheet example 2Site specific Risk Assessment as part of a Job Sheet example 2

Generic Risk Assessment for Commercial ArboricultureGeneric Risk Assessment example for London Plane

Control of Substances Harmful to Health (CoSHH): procedures and recording

HSE: Working with substances hazardous to healthHSE: Working with substances hazardous to health

GB Oils: Diesel Product Safety Data SheetGB Oils: Diesel Product Safety Data Sheet

CoSHH Risk Assessment – Oak Processionary MothCoSHH Risk Assessment – Oak Processionary Moth

CoSHH Risk Assessment – Diesel FuelCoSHH Risk Assessment – Diesel Fuel

CoSHH Risk Assessment – Generic templateCoSHH Risk Assessment – Generic template

COSHH Initial Assessment COSHH Initial Assessment

Training, qualifications and certifications: requirements and recording

HSE: Health and Safety TrainingHSE: Health and Safety Training

HSE: AFAG 805 Training and certificationHSE: AFAG 805 Training and certification

Route to a LISS/CSCS Smartcard FlowchartRoute to a LISS/CSCS Smartcard Flowchart (Updated June 2016)

Qualification / certification recording matrixQualification / certification recording matrix

A summary of useful referencesA summary of useful references

Induction Training Record and ChecklistInduction Training Record and Checklist

Employee engagement

Toolbox Talk Blank documentToolbox Talk Blank document

Toolbox Talk Example 1 – Top-handled saw incidentToolbox Talk Example 1 – Top-handled saw incident

TToolbox Talk Example 2 – Personal First Aid KitsToolbox Talk Example 2 – Personal First Aid Kits

Toolbox Talk Example 3 – Use of ThrowlinesToolbox Talk Example 3 – Use of Throwlines

Toolbox Talk Example 4 – Chainsaw pre-use checksToolbox Talk Example 4 – Chainsaw pre-use checks

Team meeting templateTeam meeting template

Using sub-contractors?

HSE: Use of contractorsHSE: Use of contractors

Sub-contractor competence check listSub-contractor competence check list

Wildlife & Ecology

HSE: Use of contractorsNE: Bat habitat assessment prior to arboricultural operations

Site Specific Wildlife AssessmentSite Specific Wildlife Assessment

Wildlife & Ecology PolicyWildlife & Ecology Policy

Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regs. 1998 (‘LOLER 98’)

HSE: Simple Guide to ‘LOLER 98’HSE: Simple Guide to ‘LOLER 98’

HSE: LOLER: How the Regs. apply to arboricultureHSE: LOLER: How the Regs. apply to arboriculture

LOLER Timesheet PPE with vibration checkLOLER Timesheet PPE with vibration check

LOLER: Weekly inspections record (example 1)LOLER: Weekly inspections record (example 1)

LOLER: Weekly inspections record (example 2)LOLER: Weekly inspections record (example 2)

LOLER: Weekly inspections record (example 3) non-PPELOLER: Weekly inspections record (example 3) non-PPE

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regs. 1998 (‘PUWER 98’)

HSE: Simple guide to ‘PUWER 98’HSE: Simple guide to ‘PUWER 98’

HSE: ‘PUWER 98’ How the Regs. apply to agriculture and forestryHSE: ‘PUWER 98’ How the Regs. apply to agriculture and forestry

HSE: Chainsaws at WorkHSE: Chainsaws at Work

HSE: Using petrol-driven chainsaws (AFAG 301)HSE: Using petrol-driven chainsaws (AFAG 301)

HSE: Simple guide to ‘PUWER 98’HSE: Safe use of ladders and stepladders

PUWER: Leaning Ladder Inspection RecordPUWER: Leaning Ladder Inspection Record

PUWER: Chainsaw Inspection SchedulePUWER: Chainsaw Inspection Schedule

PUWER: Chipper Inspection SchedulePUWER: Chipper Inspection Schedule

PUWER: Vehicle Inspection SchedulePUWER: Vehicle Inspection Schedule

PUWER: Step Ladder Inspection RecordPUWER: Step Ladder Inspection Record


HSE: Managing asbestos in buildings (a brief guide)HSE: Managing asbestos in buildings (a brief guide)

HSE: Manage buildings / manage asbestosHSE: Manage buildings / manage asbestos

HSE: Asbestos cement information sheetHSE: Asbestos cement information sheet

Asbestos (concrete) – generic risk assessmentAsbestos (concrete) – generic risk assessment

Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions Information GuideTerms and Conditions Information Guide

AWG Terms and Conditions Word TemplateAWG Terms and Conditions Word Template

Traffic Management Templates, Forms and Guidance

Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice (Oct 13)Safety at Street Works and Road Works – A Code of Practice (Oct 13)

.GOV Traffic Signs Manual.GOV Traffic Signs Manual

Risk Assessment and Method StatementRisk Assessment and Method Statement

Risk Assessment TemplateRisk Assessment Template

Short Duration Work Risk Assessment FormShort Duration Work Risk Assessment Form

Environmental matters

Arboricultural Waste Management PDF)Arboricultural Waste Management PDF

Environmental PolicyEnvironmental Policy

Arborist Hand Signals

AA Hand SignalsAA Hand Signals

An insurance guide for arborists from a UK broker


Fire management

Fire Risk AssessmentFire Risk Assessment

Quality inspection record


Quality inspection RecordQuality inspection Record

Safety inspection form

Safety inspection formSafety inspection form

Asset management and protection


help for arborists