What is an AA Registered Consultant?

Arboricultural Association Registered Consultant (AARC) status is awarded to individual consultants who have attained and demonstrated an advanced level of qualifications and experience, and who have been subjected to rigorous examination by a panel of expert assessors. Once registered, they are subject to an on-going Quality Assurance process. As a result, clients who instruct an AARC can be assured of expertise and professional advice of the highest quality.

AA Registered Consultants are highly experienced and qualified professionals who are available to advise on all arboricultural issues, which commonly include:

  • Assessing the condition and safety of trees and where appropriate specifying remedial work.
  • Investigating and advising on cases where trees are considered to be involved in structural damage to buildings.
  • Advising on tree preservation orders (TPOs), trees within conservation areas and other tree protection legislation.
  • Providing expert opinion and evidence in the form of written reports and oral testimony to the Planning Inspectorate, tribunals or the courts.
  • Providing advice on trees in relation to development, to developers, architects, planning consultants, local authorities and tree owners, focusing on how best to develop a site without harming the green infrastructure.
  • Preparing large-scale tree population, amenity woodland, group and individual tree management plans in relation to risk, tree health, population dynamics and sustainability.
  • Specifying and supervising arboricultural contracting works.
  • Investigating accidents caused by tree failure involving or accidents people working with trees.
  • Advising on tree pest and disease outbreaks and their management.

Registered Consultants will give objective advice in accordance with the instructions received in order to provide you, the client, with a clear understanding of the implications for your trees in whatever circumstances they grow and in relation to your aspirations or concerns.

Arboricultural Association Registered Consultants do not undertake work to trees (such as pruning, planting or felling) but will provide an independent schedule and specification of work if you require them to do so, against which a suitable contractor may quote or work.

Clients who are seeking to engage a named Registered Consultant personally, rather than instructing their wider organisation (if they have one), are advised to ensure that the AARC concerned is providing the required service rather than a company employee. A complete list of Registered Consultants is provided within the Directory.

Fees should be agreed between client and consultant at the outset of a commission. Rates may depend on the type of work to be undertaken and may vary from region to region. Most Arboricultural Association Registered Consultants operate over the whole of the United Kingdom and some beyond.

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