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This FREE live webinar will present a picture of the accreditation from all points of view and give you the opportunity to get involved. ARB Approved contractor is promoted as the only comprehensive accreditation for tree surgery businesses; but with an unregulated industry is there really a need for firms to set themselves apart by reaching this benchmark?

Navin Sehmi, Executive Director at Down To Earth Trees will give us an insight into how Approved Contractor has helped improve his business. Then Tom Hamments, Managing Director at Cotswolds firm Stockwell Davies, shares his take on the preparation and impact of the assessment day itself. Taking the overview full circle, Scheme Assessor and Arboricultural Consultant Simon Cox explains what assessors are looking for, as well as some of the common pitfalls and misconceptions around becoming ARB Approved.

Finally, webinar participants will have the chance to ask our panel questions via the live Q&A feature.


Michelle Ryan – Chair

Paul Smith – The Scheme an overview

Navin Sehmi – Business Improvements

Tom Hamments – Assessment Day

Simon Cox – An Assessor’s Insight

This webinar is the first in a series of free virtual events related to the Approved Contractor accreditation, with more informal Q&A sessions to follow in the future.

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Knot Tying for Arborists

AA Scotland Branch presents:

Knot Tying for Arborists

22 May 2021

Ever wonder if the bowline really is the best attachment knot or if you are even tying it correctly?

Want to try the superior distel knot, but find it easier to just tie a prussic?

Want to know which stopper really will stay in no matter what?

If you want the answer to these questions, and many more, this is the online event for you.

Sign-up and we will show you how it is done. Have a couple of lengths of rope and cordage at hand, and you can practice in the comfort of your own home.

Just let us know the knot(s) you would most like covering when registering for the event and we will try to get through them all.

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Women in Arboriculture Networking Sessions

Evening Networking Session – 29 April

Networking Evening Session
29 April
With guest speaker

6:30PM–7:30PM, UK

"Trees even in their very roads": Trees, Streets and Politics in 17th-century Britain

This talk explores some of the lesser-known avenues in the history of street trees in Britain, examining the idea of street trees as 'public ornaments' in the context of the English civil wars, revolution and Restoration. Through discussion of late Elizabethan, Stuart and civil-war period ideas in relation to urban sprawl, fuel-use and urban air pollution, this talk allows us to reflect on the origins and value of street trees in terms of their political potential and public capital, at a time when the idea of trees in the street was to some preposterous and to others, little more than a twinkle in the eye of seventeenth-century 'improvers'.

Dr Felicity Stout

Dr Felicity Stout is Tree Conservation Officer at the Peak District National Park and also works part-time as an arb consultant for AWA Trees in Sheffield. She used to be an academic historian, but gave it up for forestry, although she still has a passion for the history of trees.