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Amenity Conference

The 48th AA National Amenity Conference – Applied Arboriculture: Healthy Trees, Healthy People

The 2014 conference theme was centered around ‘Applied Arboriculture: Healthy Trees, Healthy People’

The 2014 Amenity Conference coincided with The Arboricultural Association’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. This was a conference to remember!

We look forward to seeing you next year:

Warwick University



Main themes

  • Tree Populations: Climate change and biodiversity
  • Managing Tree Health
  • Trees and Human Health
  • Challenging Established Practices
  • Delivering Health and Well-being with Trees

Conference Activities

  • Sunday field trip to Windsor Great Park
  • Trade exhibitors
  • Practical demonstrations
  • 50th anniversary celebration reception and dinner
  • Tree planting
  • Awards ceremony

Speakers Monday included:

Keynote speaker:
Rt. Hon. Baroness Fookes of Plymouth D.B.E., D.L. (UK): 'Admirable sentiments translated into action'

Session theme:
Tree populations: climate change and biodiversity

Session chair (morning):
Mr Tony Kirkham,
Head of Arboretum, RBG Kew

Session chair (afternoon):
Ms Shireen Chambers,
Executive Director, Institute of Chartered Foresters

Session theme:
Managing tree health

Session chair (afternoon):
Prof. Nicola Spence,
Chief Plant Health Officer, DEFRA

Speakers Tuesday included:

Keynote speaker:
Sir Richard Thompson
Immediate Past President – Royal College of Physicians (UK): 'Trees and human health'

Session theme:
Trees and human health

Session chair (morning):
Dr. Chris Quine,
Head of Centre for ecosystems, society and biosecurity, Forest Research

Session chair (afternoon):
Mr Richard Edwards,
Chair, London Tree Officers’ Association

Session chair (late afternoon):
Mr Jim Smith,
National Urban Forestry Adviser, Forestry Commission England

Session theme:
Challenging established practice

Session chair (afternoon):
Mr Mick Boddy,
Symbiosis Consulting Ltd

Speakers Wednesday included:

Keynote speaker:
Ms Anne Jaluzot (UK):
Collaborative working

Session theme:
Delivering health and well-being with trees

Session chair (morning):
Ms Sue James,
Trees and Design Action Group

Session chair (afternoon):
Mr Craig Hallam,
Arb Australia

Closing keynote:
Mr Tony Juniper (UK)
Author of What has nature ever done for us?

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