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Russell - (25/02/2019 12:43:01)
RE:Will more women in Arb be beneficial, or should we just leave it to the guys?
I think the issue is wider than just this, its about a lack of young people entering the profession, rather than being a male/female ratios issue.  The sector is still misunderstood, most new entrants I meet have gone against advice from academic advisors (if they were lucky to find one), parental advice and also advice from their classmates.  Its fair to say the sector is still seen as low paid, you dont need a good academic skill set and outdoors so cold, wet and dirty.  As a sector we need to change this perception, Engineering was in a similar place 20 years ago but they have changed their marketing and now all parents are proud if their children are training to be engineers, so it can be done.  The women in Arb campaign is a great idea to showcase different parts of the profession and I think will encourage more women into the sector, but if it also encourages more young men, it should also still be seen as a success.
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