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Applied Tree Biology

with Dr Andrew Hirons

Learn the science behind tree management best practices.

Applied Tree Biology with Dr Andrew Hirons


A free lecture and the first in a weekly series from one of the UK’s leading Arboriculture lecturers and researchers; ‘Applied Tree Biology’’ will help you learn the science behind tree care in bitesize modules around 30 minutes each.

Many arborists learn tree work practices without fully understanding the biological and physiological principles behind them. However, outcomes for the health and longevity of trees are greatly improved when an arborist understands the science behind the care of tree root systems and crowns.

Based on the book of the same name co-authored by Dr Hirons and Dr Peter Thomas, these lectures draw upon their decades of experience in the laboratory, classroom and the field – as well.

Applied Tree Biology will help you to develop a fundamental understanding of tree biology and the science that underpins tree management best practices.

Each lecture will be available for a limited time so make sure you’ve signed up to our Training alerts to enjoy this series.

WATCH the latest Applied Tree Biology Lectures

Lecture 1 – Shoot Growth

Applied Tree Biology Lecture 1 – Shoot Growth

Lecture 2 – Secondary Growth

Applied Tree Biology Lecture 2 – Secondary Growth

Lecture 3 – Leaves and Crowns

Applied Tree Biology Lecture 3 – Leaves and Crowns

Lecture 4 – Roots

Applied Tree Biology Lecture 4 – Roots

Lecture 5 – Tree Establishment

Applied Tree Biology Lecture 5 – Tree Establishment

Lecture 6 – Tree Water Relations

Applied Tree Biology Lecture 6 – Tree Water Relations

Dr Andrew Hirons

Dr Andrew Hirons

Andrew D. Hirons is a Senior Lecturer in Arboriculture at University Centre Myerscough, UK. He teaches modules relating to tree biology, tree establishment and tree management.

His current research activity is motivated by the need to create resilience in our urban forests, and is focused on using plant traits to inform species selection for urban environments. This work has resulted in a number of publications, including Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure: A Guide for Specifiers published by Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG). Andrew is also the co-author of Applied Tree Biology, published by Wiley Blackwell.

Applied Tree Biology by Dr Andrew Hirons and Peter A. Thomas
Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure: A Guide for Specifiers
Myerscough College

Coming soon…

  • The next generation of trees
  • Tree water relations
  • Tree carbon relations
  • Tree nutrition
  • Interactions with other organisms
  • Environmental challenges for trees