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Trees and their Diverse Urban Issues

The Scottish Branch Autumn seminar presents David Humphries and arborist Alistair Nicol.

For the past 15 years, David has been documenting and discussing conservation tree management with working arborists on the online forum, Arbtalk. This has given a unique insight into the work at Hampstead Heath and has enabled arborists to gain a greater understanding of tree preservation and how to appropriately manage trees when they are under threat from fungal and human pressures. Alistair is the lead arborist at Hampstead Heath and will be sharing his practical experience and observations with the main focus being on conservation arboriculture.

As David’s book, Fungi on Trees notes, ‘Arboriculturists must know their fungi, their role demands it.’

This seminar will be a master class for arborists, tree managers and consultants.

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