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CAVAT Tree Valuation System

Hosted by Chris Neilan this branch new branch event is not to be missed. Capital Asset Valuation of Amenity Trees (CAVAT) was developed by Chris Neilan and the London Tree Officers Association (LTOA) in 2008 and is regarded as one method of tree valuation in the UK

Highlights of CAVAT are-

  • Tree officers need monetary values for amenity trees
  • CAVAT is a trunk formula valuation method adjusted for tree health and function
  • CAVAT valuations adjust for human population density to account for all potential beneficiaries
  • Compensation for damaged public trees has been secured using the Full Method
  • Quick Method has informed urban forest succession planning and resource allocation.

The overall aim is to give participants confidence in their use of CAVAT. The course will follow the successful pattern used previously, with 4 sessions.  Session 1 addresses the background to valuing trees, and sets CAVAT in the context of alternative approaches to valuation. Session 2 will look at the method in detail, with visual examples.  Session 3 will be practical, with group discussion of examples at or near the venue, and then a group valuation exercise.  The final session is used to moderate that exercise, and give a final opportunity for Q/A

An informative and engaging day, book your place now. 

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