Course Availabilty

Arb Business Masterclass with Paul Elcoat

This course is for the owners, directors and managers of small to medium-sized arb contracting and consulting businesses. A one-day course with the aim of decluttering your mind and getting you to think about the present and the future in a different way. It will be a very full day of presentations, discussions and questions. Delegates and instructors will work as a group where everyone can ask questions and get the information they need in a friendly, approachable and light-hearted environment, so expect a workshop style to the day.

This course aims to take the delegates businesses to the next level by introducing the skill and knowledge areas that owners and directors need to develop to quickly leap ahead of the competition. The result of attending this course will be an immediate increase in sales, an understanding that everyone has the same problems as you, reassurance that there is help available and so hopefully a dramatic reduction in stress.


Course Fees