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The Hollow Tree – Conservation and Wildlife


Windsor, Berkshire


Ted Green, Lynne Boddy and Frank Rinn

5 hours

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9.30am - 16.30pm 

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Course Objectives:

· Describe the relative wealth of the UK’s veteran tree population

· Describe the range of organisms supported in the hollow tree

· Explain how these communities have co-evolved

· State the principles of tree biomechanics

· Explain the concepts used to evaluate tree safety

Course Content:

· Introduction

· The endangered biodiversity of Europe

· The UK’s wealth of veteran trees

· The processes of decay in trees

· The biology of the hollow tree

· The range of organisms involved

· The principles of biomechanics

· Evaluation of decaying tree structures

·Established and new concepts in understanding biomechanics

· Making judgements on tree safety

Module Pre-requisites:

This course is for professional conservationists, entomologists and wildlife experts, and anyone with an interest in ancient trees.

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