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BS5837: Tree Surveying and Categorising




Simon Scotting

6 hours

Places Available

1 day ( 9:00 - 16:00 approximately) 

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Course Objectives:

To enable you to:

• Understand the requirements of a tree survey in accordance with BS5837 and why it is important to collect accurate data.

• Collect data out in the field in accordance with BS5837 using a suitable format. (For this course a written survey template and notes with appropriate headings will be used)

• Objectively assess trees to the tree quality categorisation cascade chart

• Have an understanding of the equipment required to undertake accurate data collection and surveying


Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at any person, in any industry, involved in undertaking or reviewing BS5837 reports.


This course entitles you to CEU's see this link 

Course Content:

Course content

• Introduction - BS5837 overview

• What data to collect during tree surveying, what is it used for?

• Tree data collection equipment and how it is used

• In field data recording and organisation

• Outdoor practical exercises – measurement and collection of data

• Overview of tree categorisation and subjectivity

• Workshop on categories, criteria, and sub-categories

• Outdoor practical exercises – Assessment and categorisation of trees

• Summing up and questions


Facilities/Equipment highly recommended

Boots, outdoor clothing for all weathers

• Tree surveying equipment

• Clipboard

• Diameter tape

• Measuring tape/wheel

• Height measuring device (Hypsometer, clinometer, etc.)


Course Materials provided:

• Course hand out

• Proforma survey document

• Notepad

• Pen



Arboricultural Association attendance certificate



Course will include some outdoor practical sessions (please bring suitable clothing for indoor and outdoor sessions)


Refreshments and lunch are provided

Module Pre-requisites:

Arboricultural consultants/surveyors Tree officers: any person working in Arboricultural with an understanding of BS5837 survey’s and tree identification. Other industries Architects, Landscape Architects, developers, planning authorities.

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