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Undertaking Aerial Inspections


Wokingham, Berkshire


Simon Cox and Paul Melarange

5 hours

Places Available

9.30am - 4.00pm  

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Course Objectives:

Simon Cox and Paul Melarange deliver this new hands-on training course. With a mix of classroom and practical session, by the end of the course you will be able to:

-          Explain the importance the aerial operative and scribe have in recording accurate data.

-          Explain different aerial inspection types.

-          Assist with an aerial inspection to include recording measurements.

-          Complete an aerial inspection proforma.

-          Highlight operational requirements and equipment for undertaking aerial inspections

-          Option to complete an aerial inspection to include tree climbing and taking measurements.


The course offers two options:

  1. Aerial Tree Inspection – supporting role
  2. Aerial Tree Inspection – climbing and supporting roles


For option 2 (climbing and supporting) delegates are expected to participate in the day by climbing a tree to undertake an aerial inspection and must:

  • be certificated in tree climbing (photocard or certificate to be shown on the day)
  • have a fit for purpose, and thorough LOLER inspected, tree climbing kit (evidence will be required)


Course Content:

-          Course Introduction

-          A reminder of PTI standards for inspectors. Clear and concise observations, findings and comments

-          Explaining inspection types and understanding specifications for aerial inspections

-          The power of photographs and sketches

-          Explanation of the Guidance note proforma

-          Equipment requirements and uses

-          Discussion and demonstration of inspection features including of cracks/splits, cavities, weak forks, and missing bark for different inspection types

-          Operation requirements for aerial inspections. This will include a risk assessment and briefing for the afternoon exercise and kit checks

-          Demonstration of aerial inspection. Instructor taking measurements with delegates recording information on proforma

-          Aerial Tree Inspection Exercise. Delegates to measure and record one tree each in teams

-          Bracing – Function and integrity

-          Summing up and sources of information.

Module Pre-requisites:

Delegates should have passed the Professional Tree Inspector (PTI) course or similar, and for the tree climbing option hold a tree climbing competency and have a fit for purpose tree climbing kit.

Terms of Cancellation or Amendments to details

  • We reserve the right to cancel courses and refund applicants if there is insufficient demand.
  • A FULL charge will be applied to any booking cancelled less than 10 working days before the event.
  • A £30 administration charge may be applied to changes made to bookings that have been received and acknowledged.

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