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Mike Volp passing a sad loss to

Last Updated:  17/12/2015

Everyone involved with the Association and all that knew him will be deeply saddened by the news that Mike Volp passed away on Sunday 24th May 2015.

Mike was the driving force of the National Association of Tree Officers (NATO) and was able to achieve collaborative working with others whilst working for Norwich council as a Tree Officer. Throughout his career he gained respect from contractors, consultants and fellow tree officers alike. Mike represented NATO on a number of committees, working groups and on the Arboricultural Association Professional Committee and was incredibly important in making sure the voice of local authorities was heard.

He gave so much to the industry and represented his colleagues tirelessly; the work on Trees in Towns II, the barriers report with Jim Smith, BS review committees for 5837 and 3998, were all down to Mike. He was a remarkable man, willing to give his time to others and passionate about trees and the need to work collaboratively together. All of us at the Association are thinking of him and his family, along with his friends and colleagues at this sad time. Each of us who had the good fortune to know him will share a thought to what he gave us and reflect on the sad loss of a good man.