Member Benefits Catalogue

Welcome to the Member Benefit Catalogue which has got some fantastic deals for you as an AA member for 2017.

Not only does your AA membership entitle you to some real money-saving benefits but you are also part of a wide network of contacts and professionals within the sector and lots of other benefits: Be part of the Arboricultural Community – with over 2,300 members the AA is recognised by local Government, the RHS and increasingly the general public as the focal point for best practice in arboriculture.

FREE entry to the annual ARB Show in May. Keep up to date – The ARB Magazine, eNews, eBulletins, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online papers give you access to the latest news in the arb sector.

Professional Recognition – your customers see membership of a professional association as demonstrating a commitment to standards, knowledge and skills.

Branch Network for local support, advice and training.

Career Progression – comprehensive training, advice and support programmes at all levels to keep you and your staff effective, efficient and safe.

The Arboriculture industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and we hope that the offers from so many suppliers will help you to be increasingly successful. The Arboricultural Association would like to say a big thank you to all the suppliers featured in this catalogue.

Categories of benefits