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Background to the HSE decision on two rope working  History The issue of guidance to climbing arborists on the use of ‘two separate and independently anchored lines’ as a legal requirement goes back to 2003 when the EU Directive on Work at Height was circulated and to the subsequent introduction of the Work at Height Regulati...
 15/08/2019      14:02
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Personal Fall Protection Systems  .blueBorder {border: 6px solid #1389d9;} Background and Implications for the Industry This page provides a summary of the HSE decision on two-rope working and some of the most significant implications for the industry. For a more detailed background on how and why this de...
 03/09/2019      10:32
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Personal Fall Protection Systems – An Update  Simon Richmond , Senior Technical Officer Following the announcement in the Autumn issue of the ARB Magazine (issue 186, page 7) that the HSE is now requiring full compliance with the Work at Height Regulations in relation to tree climbing operations, there has been much ...
 27/11/2019      16:10
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