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Why should I use an ARB Approved Contractor Contractors listed in our directory listing have submitted their businesses and their tree work to the Arboricultural Association for assessment and have been found competent to provide arboricultural contracting services to clients. The Arboricultural Association’s assessme...
 12/12/2015      19:36
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What are the typical services of an arboricultural contractor Services typically required of an arboricultural contractor are: Tree maintenance operations including pruning, and related works to relevant British Standards (see our  Tree Work Terminology  page) Tree planting operations and aftercare/establishment programmes ...
 12/12/2015      21:43
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How do I become an AA Approved Contractor We have extensive guidance here on our website, please visit the ARB Approved Contractor section.
 25/11/2015      07:33
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How do I select the right Tree Surgeon?  1   When making an appointment with an ARB Approved Contractor clients should advise the contractor whether advice on trees is required, or if a specification for works already exists against which the contractor’s quotation is sought 2   Clients are advised to obtain mor...
 12/12/2015      19:32
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My boss picked me up on using a phone in the tree, my saw wasn’t running and I was stationary in a s  Using a mobile phone up a tree during an AA Approved Contractor assessment then would not in itself result in failure unless a clear and present danger was apparent as a consequence. Arborists do use phones up trees and, whilst it may not always be ideal, there may be justi...
 25/11/2015      07:30
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