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I do not know who owns a tree, which is causing me concern – who do I contact?  Local Councils do not hold records of land ownership, and therefore cannot advise on the ownership of trees, you should contact the Land Registry who hold details of land ownership. A charge is made for this service.
 24/11/2015      08:26
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How do I report a problem with a tree on council land?  If you have any concerns or enquiries about a tree on Council land, contact the Council directly.
 24/11/2015      08:28
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How can I get a Tree Preservation Order made on a tree that I think is at risk of being felled or da  Your local council is responsible for making Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). You should contact your local authority and speak to the tree officer or someone in the planning department who should determine whether the making of a TPO is appropriate.
 24/11/2015      16:05
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How can I find out if the trees within my ownership are protected?  You can check to see if a property or area of land has a Tree Preservation Order on it, or if it is located within a Conservation Area, by looking at the council website or by contacting the local council (usually the planning department). If your tree is protected then you w...
 24/11/2015      16:12
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