Wednesday Field Trip

Wednesday Field Trip

A Guided Tour of the Historic Trees of London Road Cemetery, Coventry

09:30 - 13:30

This year we are visiting the extraordinary arboricultural legacy at the London Road Cemetery in Coventry. This relatively small, 17-ha site is host to some really interesting trees and, being a Joseph Paxton-designed landscape, has a wealth of history and unique features. We will be guided by some very knowledgeable, local experts who can describe the various stages of development, the arboricultural experimentation with ‘candelabra pruning’ and massive tree transportation projects to establish this site. We are once again indebted Tim Wetherall of Coventry City Council for helping to arrange this event, plus other council colleagues, and to Derek Robinson, who has a long history of supporting and advising on the long-term management of the cemetery and its trees.

After breakfast, delegates will be taken by coach to the site then split into groups for the guided tour. Delegates will then be brought back to the university for lunch before departure.

Due to limited availability the Field Trip is only available to delegates booking the 3-day package