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Tom Bradford
Hi All,I'm very interested in trees and how they work alongside man made environments but there is very little practical advice out there on what the best methods are for retrofitting built objects around trees and vice versa, planting new trees into already built environments. I think there should be greater aid and support for urban tree planting particularly in poorer areas to help boost street tree numbers. There are currently a number of planting systems out there that require a large amount of money and expertise for them to be realised. But existing streets with diminishing tree numbers are getting little attention and where tree planting does happen there is a high likely hood of failure. What will work? What can ordinary people do? What can councils do? Surely doing something is better than doing nothingI would like to see a course put together which would be useful for landscape architects and managers, urban planners and arborists alike, on getting the most out of landscapes. I think a basic understanding of trees and how they are maintained might be a good basis for aiding better relationships for arbs within the design and construction industry work as at the moment there seems to be a gulf between us. The last few arb courses I've been too have admitted that tree people don't readily mix with other disciplines so I'd like to see this addressed which would surely be for the good of all disciplines but primarily arboricultural.This is just a comment and I may be way off the mark but I think there may be some mileage in this. I know TDAG are working alongside several multi-disciplines bi-monthly to get there new document together!Regards, Tom
10/10/2016 13:30:46

Mr David Massheder
10/10/2016 12:58:12

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