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Manual of Tree Statistic and tree Inspection

Manual of Tree Statistic and tree Inspection

The book, translated from German to English in 2016 is based on long term studies and assessments by the authors. This book helps to assess tree statics via the Static Integrated Assessment (SIA) method. This book is a comprehensive manual about arboriculture, tree inspection and tree statics for: urban green space planning officials, experts, surveyors, consultants, planners and practical users. Content: 1 The age of the trees 1.1 Beginnings 1.2 The historical development of the tree 2 Tree biology 2.1 Biological evolution 2.2 Energy production/Competition/Management 2.3 The spatial development of the tree 2.4 Tree response to injury or damage 2.5 The ageing process of the tree 2.6 Damage development 2.7 The end of equilibrium, the veteran tree 2.8 Final rescue attempts 2.9 The ecological value of veteran trees - the value of not being perfect in nature 3 Tree statics - Statics and dynamics of the tree 3.1 The statics triangle 3.2 Weight accorded to the components of the statics triangle 3.3 Fracture - and tilting behaviour 3.4 Specific failure behaviour of veteran trees 4 The diagnosis 4.1 Purpose and objective 4.2 The first step - the first impression 4.3 The second step - the visual assessment 4.4 The third step - the summary of the visual tree assessment 4.5 The detailed risk assessment 5 The detailed risk assessment 5.1 Consideration of possible measures 5.2 The planting of the tree 5.3 Pruning 5.4 Tree crown supports 5.5 Stabilising influences of the tree environment 5.6 Treating wounds and fighting diseases 5.7 Improving the environment of the tree 5.8 Tree protection on building sites 5.9 The future of man and of trees 6 Annexes and Tables 6.1 Biological characteristics of different tree species 6.2 Static characteristics of different tree species 6.3 Statics abbreviations and formulas 6.4 SIA-diagrams for tree risk assessments 6.5 Overview of diagnostic methods


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