Guidance Note 6

Guidance Note 6

A guide from the AA to help those faced with the prospect of prosecuting (or being prosecuted). Most professional arboriculturists will have to give evidence at some stage in their career - consultants and local government tree and planning officers more often than others. The performance of the arboriculturist as a witness can be pivotal in a case and this guidance note gives an insight into the basics of what would be required of an arboriculturist in this role. The Legal System The Duties of an Arboriculturist as a Witness The Site Visit The Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) Act Acting for the Prosecution Acting for the Defence The Witness Statement Appearing In Court Alternatives to Criminal Prosecution Suggested Procedure The Guidance Note includes appendices with proformas covering: - Investigation Reports (Suspected Illegal Tree Works) - Aids to Official Cautions for both TPO and Conservation Area Offences Witness Statements - Conducting Interviews Under Caution ©2004 Spiral bound 43 pp.


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