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Biosecurity Bundle

Biosecurity Bundle

Biosecurity Bundle; Fungi on Trees: What makes this guide so different from anything else on the market is that for the first time decay fungi of amenity trees regularly encountered by arboriculturists are described with an array of representative photographs detailing stages in development as well as close up studio shots as an aid to identification. ©2011 Spiral bound Tree Pests and Diseases: This fantastic guide, written by Guy Watson, is a must have for arborists and contains the most common tree pests and diseases likely to be encountered on a day-to-day basis. It is designed to help the arborist to identify and diagnose potential threats, and also contains useful information on treatment options, including current chemical treatments and their availability, etc. It also addresses the subject of practical biosecurity – what we should be doing on a daily basis to reduce the risk of moving infection from site to site. ©2013 Spiral bound Guidance Note 2 - Application of Biosecurity in Arboriculture Trees have evolved alongside pests and pathogens, with many of those organisms being instrumental in nutrient recycling and the ageing process. Consideration of biosecurity, and the implementation of control measures will help to limit the introduction and spread of pests and pathogens. Some are potentially more devastating, and the threat of their arrival in a localised area or country warrants planning and preventative action. The purpose of this guidance is to provide information to the arboricultural industries, which will assist in efforts aimed at preventing a pest or pathogen outbreak that results in the accelerated mortality and loss of large numbers of trees. Section include:


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