Tuesday Speakers 2019

Tuesday 10th September 2019

Keynote Speaker and Session Chairs

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Ted Green

Ted Green, MBE (UK)

What’s Pruning?
Tuesday morning keynote
Mick Boddy

Mick Boddy (UK)

Tuesday morning session chair
Keith Sacre

Keith Sacre (UK)

Tuesday afternoon session chair
14:00pm – 17:45pm

Tuesday Speakers

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Morning Session

Challenging Current Practice

Stefania Gasperini

Stefania Gasperini (IT)

Giovanni Morelli

Giovanni Morelli (IT)

Morphophysiology and management of veteran trees: Two case studies
08:55am – 09:35am
Vikki Bengtsson

Vikki Bengtsson (SWE)

Veteranisation: Using tools instead of time
09:35am – 10:10am

Kwok-on-Tsang (HK)

Pruning strategy for stonewall trees in Hong Kong: An arboricultural practice to preserve natural heritage
10:10am – 10:45am
Jon Hartill

Jon Hartill (SWE)

From an unknown load to another unknown load, what are the consequences of reduction pruning?
11:15am – 11:50am
Reg Harris

Reg Harris (UK)

New thinking about retrenchment pruning
11:50am – 12:25pm

Afternoon Session

Pruning #1

Ed Gilman

Ed Gilman (US)

Formative pruning experiences and research on shade trees in the US
14:05pm – 14:45pm
Tony Kirkham

Tony Kirkham (UK)

Different species’ response to pruning phenology
14:45pm – 15:20pm
Henry Kuppen

Henry Kuppen (NL)

Culture and maintenance of pleached trees in the Netherlands
15:50pm – 16:25pm
Jaroslav Kolarik

Jaroslav Kolarik (CZ)

Development of the European Tree Pruning Standard
16:25pm – 16:55pm
Vaibhav Raje

Vaibhav Raje (IND)

Potential and challenges for arboriculture in India
16:55pm – 17:25pm