Sunday Field Trip

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Killerton Estate – ©National Trust Images/Andrew Butler

Sunday Field Trip
to the Killerton Estate

12:00 – 17:00

The first international conference on Arboricultural Biosecurity will begin with the Sunday Field Trip on 10 September. Just a 15-minute drive from the University of Exeter, The National Trust owned Killerton is one of Devon’s great estates, with a landscaped hillside garden and parkland.

During this edition of our traditional conference excursion, delegates will be treated to a tour featuring 4 noteworthy speakers. Following a welcome and lunch, we begin with Horticulturist and Veitch Historian Caradoc Doy, introducing the Veitch seed collectors’ legacy.

Simon Toomer, National Specialist for Plant Conservation at The National Trust, will present on the complexities of maintaining an historical tree collection for today’s public benefit before Karl Emeleus, Head Gardener on the estate, gives us the nitty-gritty of historical conservation site management and maintenance.

The afternoon is planned to close with final discussions and questions following a talk on tree and plant propagation issues and biosecurity, from the Plant Propagation Manager for The National Trust, Chris Trimmer.

On their return to the University of Exeter, delegates will be able to enjoy the presentations to the winners of the Tree Climbing Competition under ISA rules, which will take place throughout Sunday at Reed Hall.