Monday Speakers 2019

Monday 9th September 2019

Keynote Speaker and Session Chairs

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Tony Kirkham

Tony Kirkham (UK)

Monday morning session chair
Chris Quine

Chris Quine (UK)

Monday afternoon session chair
14:30pm – 17:40pm

Monday Speakers

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Morning Session

Tree Population Management and Canopy Cover

Cecil Konijnenijk

Cecil Konijnendijk (CAN)

Leafy ambitions: A critical look at the use of canopy cover targets in urban forest governance
09:45am – 10:25am
Paul Barber

Paul Barber (AUS)

Using innovative technologies for the measurement, monitoring and sustainable management of urban crowns and canopy
10:25am – 11:00am
Bryan Cosgrove

Bryan Cosgrove (UK)

Making trees count: A tree and woodland strategy for Greater Manchester
11:30am – 12:00pm
Robert Northrop

Robert Northrop (UK)

Advanced assessment and mitigation of urban tree canopy
12:00pm – 12:30pm
Annabel Buckland

Annabel Buckland (UK)

UK Urban Canopy Cover: A reflection on canopy cover change
12:30pm – 13:00pm

Afternoon Session

Natural Function

Luke Steer

Luke Steer (UK)

Tree physiology for arborists: How trees work and what happens when parts are removed or damaged
14:35pm – 15:10pm
Duncan Slater

Duncan Slater (UK)

A technical update on natural bracing and bark inclusions
15:10pm – 15:45pm
Ana Pérez-Sierra

Ana Pérez-Sierra (UK)

Five years overview of tree diseases through the Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service at Forest Research
16:15pm – 16:50pm
Jon Banks

Jon Banks (UK)

Tree vitality: Shining a light on tree health
16:50pm – 17:25pm