Wednesday Speakers

Wednesday 7th September 2022

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Morning Session

Lynne Boddy

Lynne Boddy MBE (United Kingdom)

A tree is never just a tree
Suresh Ramanan

Suresh Ramanan (India)

Indian farmer’s perception of trees
Francesco Ferrini

Francesco Ferrini (Italy)

How do trees respond to environmental stress? Biochemical and physiological aspects of urban trees tolerance to climate extremes
Kamil Witkos-Gnach

Kamil Witkos-Gnach (Poland)

Trees of Bialowieza Forest - place where they can grow and die freely?
Howell Davies

Howell Davies (New Zealand )

The development of the urban Ngahere Strategy for Auckland, New Zealand
Tahia Devisscher

Tahia Devisscher (Canada)

Urban Forests in Latin America: Opportunities and Challenges
Rob Northrop

Rob Northrop (United States)

What is a tree? A tale of three cities

Afternoon Workshop Sessions

Panel discussion

Green inequity

with Nanamhla Gwedla and Lorien Nesbitt
From 15:00
Lorien Nesbitt
Lorien Nesbitt
Nanamhla Gwedla
with Nanamhla Gwedla


Reg Harris

The Major Oak Gallery Tour

with Reg Harris
From 15:00
Jennifer Murray

Research project: Noise in decision making

with Jennifer Murray
From 15:00
Keith Sacre
Kenton Rogers

Tree planting: More than just numbers

with Keith Sacre
From 15:00
Rob Northrop
Howell Davies

Writing a tree strategy

with Rob Northrop and Howell Davies
From 15:00