Tuesday Speakers

Tuesday 6th September 2022

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Morning Session

John Gathright

John Gathright (United Kingdom)

Discovering the true value of trees: Creating social heroes and better businesses
Naomi Zürcher

Naomi Zürcher (Switzerland)

Grow a tree, grow a society: Lessons from the forest and how its web of relationships can inform enhanced tree care and build social cohesion and well-being
Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts (New Zealand)

Outrage management; the art of de-catastrophising
Mark Bays

Mark Bays (United States)

Oklahoma City’s Survivor Tree
Paul Mandibondibo

Paul Mandibondibo (Papua)

The role of trees in belief, culture and tradition in Biak, Papua
Jill Butler

Jill Butler (United Kingdom)

What is a tree? A tree is an historical document

Afternoon Workshop Sessions

Panel discussion

Tree protection around the world

with various speakers
From 15:00


Reg Harris

The Major Oak Gallery Tour

with Reg Harris
From 15:00
Jennifer Murray

Research project: Noise in decision making

with Jennifer Murray
From 15:00
Stefania Gasperini
Giovanni Morelli

Tree morphology walking tour

with Stefania Gasperini and Giovanni Morelli
From 15:00
Keith Sacre
Kenton Rogers

Tree planting: More than just numbers

with Keith Sacre and Kenton Rogers
From 15:00