Monday Speakers

Monday 5th September 2022

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Ted Green

Ted Green MBE (United Kingdom)

The Tree Ecologist
Stefania Gasperini

Stefania Gasperini (Italy)

Veteran trees: From technical to ethical arboriculture
Neville Fay

Neville Fay (United Kingdom)

Rethinking the tree from the ground up – a philosophical approach
Geoff Monck

Geoff Monck (United Kingdom)

The importance of the microbiome to tree resilience to pests, pathogens and environmental stresses and the key role its deterioration plays in tree decline
Lorien Nesbitt

Lorien Nesbitt (Canada)

Trees for Everyone? An analysis of urban green equity and green gentrification in North American cities
Jessica Quinton

Jessica Quinton (Canada)

Wealthy, educated and… non-millennial? Inequitable patterns of proximity to urban vegetation in 31 Canadian cities
Nanamhla Gwedla

Nanamhla Gwedla (South Africa)

The legacy of colonial and apartheid eras on the distribution, composition and representation of street trees in South Africa