Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

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If you’re interested in becoming an Exhibitor, Sponsor or Advertiser at the Amenity Conference 2019, then please give us your details to keep you informed!

Co-sponsor of the Conference:

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed below, please contact Stephen Hodsman at

Delegate Pack Sponsorship Options

400 delegates will receive a lanyard and a delegate bag containing an A4 Conference folder with the Conference guide inside.

Conference Delegate Bag Sponsor

The Sponsor covers production costs for 420 bags and receives:

  • Logo on Conference Bag
  • Free Full page advert in the Conference Guide
  • Free Ad and Push Notification in the Conference App


Conference Delegate Folder Sponsor

The Sponsor covers production costs for 420 folders and receives:

  • Logo on Conference Folder
  • Free Full page advert in the Conference Guide
  • Free Ad and Push Notification in the Conference App


Conference Delegate Lanyard Sponsor

Each delegate will receive a lanyard as part of their Conference Delegate Pack.


Speaker Sponsorship

This year’s Conference will present 10 overseas speakers whose costs are supported by the Arboricultural Association.

Speaker Sponsorships come with the following benefits:

Your Company name and logo as a Speaker Sponsor on Conference web pages, eBulletins, All ‘Speaker Sponsors’ Banner at entrance, rolling presentation in foyer and auditorium, Free Half Page advert in Conference Programme, plus Free Ad and Push Notification in the Conference App.


Tuesday Wine Reception and Annual Awards Gala Dinner Sponsor

All Residential Conference delegates are invited to the free wine reception taking place on Tuesday evening with many then going on to enjoy the Annual Awards Gala Dinner afterwards. The dinner includes presentation of the Arboricultural Association Award, which since 1982 has recognised a significant and positive contribution to the industry or profession. The evening finishes with an after dinner speaker.

The sponsor of the dinner will receive:

  • Promotion as Tuesday Wine Reception and Conference Awards Dinner sponsored by <<name of sponsor>>.
  • Rolling slides on the screen above the awards stage.
  • Banners either side of the awards stage.
  • Free full page advert in Conference Brochure and Free advert in the Conference App


Conference App Advertising Options

The 2018 Conference App was downloaded by 274 attendees.

Delegates used the app for a total of 116 hours.

App Push Notification

Send a Push Notification to delegates (these are similar to text messages, delivered by the app). You can send a short message to appear on the device of all attendees at any time during the event, enabling you to connect with more customers and send them news about your products and deals.

Push Notification to all attendees:


Highlighted Exhibitor Listing & Logos

Stand out from the crowd and make your brand more visible by adding a logo and a highlighted exhibitor listing.

Logo and highlighted listing:


On site Advertising Options

Options for advertising in and around the Forum outside the Alumni Auditorium.

Banner advertising

(Banner 3m wide x 1m tall max), at locations specified below. Advertiser bears banner cost + £110 per location. Limited to 2 locations.

£110 per location

Banner position:

U6 – Above foyer rail right (See Image: banner location U6)

U2 – Above foyer rail right (See image: Banner Location U2 above foyer)

U3 – Gallery rail above foyer exit (See image: Banner location U3)


Pop-up banner advertising

(Standard 750mm x 2000mm), as space permits in and around the Conference building. Advertiser bears pop-up cost + site cost as indicated on each below. Limited to 2 locations.

Locations available:

L1 & L2 (£190) – Outside of Main Entrance Alumni Auditorium (See image ‘Pop-up Banner location L1 & L2’)

L3 (£110) – Outside 2nd Entrance to Alumni Auditorium (Image Pop up Banner location lL3 2nd entrance)

L5 (£110) – In front of main staircase up to Alumni Auditorium (Banner location L5 Staircase)

U1 (£250) – 1 pop-up located inside the main auditorium (Image U1 Banner)


Conference Programme Adverts

Advertising within the conference programme.

Quarter Page Portrait advert (without bleed)£90

Half Page Landscape advert (without bleed)£180

Full Page advert (with bleed) £275

See size specifications under ARB Magazine here:

Ad Sizing Options